How it works

Low Cost Learning Club

Learn Express is an exciting new way to learn how to use software and Internet services in accounting and bookkeeping, website and digital marketing and office administration.

It’s simple, you pay a small joining fee and low membership fee to get access to all the training video presentations which explain how to use all the features covered in the Advanced Certificate training courses. This includes hundreds of videos and simple, straight to the point explanations (based on over 10 years of delivering online training courses).

Regularly updated training course tutorials

As a member you get access to the online support team to learn new features that you need in your job or when running your business.

Our team of educators are regularly generating new training course tutorials based on changes in the software and requests from other students and they’re all available to you!

Get help when you need it

The cost of one to one training or consulting can be very expensive (although effective) in solving problems you might have but being a member of a learning club gives you access to online support where you can ask questions that relate to your own business or job and have training material created that will help you out.

If you need access to one to one help we can connect you to an industry practitioner too.

Cancel whenever you want

Learn Express is a low cost training club and you can cancel whenever you want. No fixed term contracts or interest free student loans that you need to pay until the end of the term.

Our goal is to continue to add value and help you with your work with new and updated training tutorials, when you don’t need us just cancel.

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